Project K-Nect is a pilot program that took place in the Onslow Country school district in North Carolina and began during the 2007-2008 school year to discover if 24/7 connected smartphones could play a role in enhancing student engagement and learning. The project addressed the need to improve math skills among at-risk students in North Carolina who scored poorly in math and did not have access to the Internet at home. Algebra I digital content aligned with current lesson plans was created and students were encouraged to learn from each other in and out of the classroom. Students did so by using social networking applications on the smartphone, as well as other Internet resources such as  Positive Six has visited several times over the last 7 years to follow and capture the progress of this program.

Clients and Collaborators:
• North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
• Quaclcomm Wireless Reach

Services Provided:
• Photography
• Videography
• Editing
• Copywriting
• Graphic Design

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