Personalized Learning via 3G in Jordanian Schools: Anytime, Anywhere Access to Educational Resources

To reach the entrance to the Balqees School, located in the district of Jabal Al-kalaa, Jordan, one must walk on uneven concrete up narrow corridors in between buildings perched on the side of a hill. Students at this school and others in Jordan lack access to much needed technology tools for learning. The Jordan Education Initiative (JEI) is supporting a pilot project that gives students 3G connected mobile devices to learn in and out of the classroom. The project intends to demonstrate student success and engagement when given access to advanced mobile technology to gain valuable 21st century skills that will better prepare them for the future. Project results are being monitored and evaluated in order to shape a large-scale technology-integrated education model for public and private schools in Jordan and other countries.

Positive Six went to cover this project and help with the launch event at the Balqees School.  Seeing these young girls empowered with technology and access to the Internet was amazing.

Clients and Collaborators:
• Jordan Ministry of Education
• Jordan Education Initiative
• Jordan Ministry of Information Communications Technology

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