Positive 6 traveled to Nairobi, Kenya this July to shoot photography and a short documentary covering a very exciting 1to1 3G wireless tablet program serving students in underserved areas.  Our subject was a 13 year old boy named Albert – and Albert was awesome!!  He is number one in his class and wants to be an architect when he grows up.  Why?  So he can help make Kenya a place that all the people will love.  His words.

Sounds good to us, Albert.  Keep up the hard work and there’s no doubt you will make Kenya a better place for everyone!

Clients & Collaborators:
• Qualcomm
• eLimu

Services Provided:
• Photography
• Videography
• Creative Direction
• Art Direction
• Design
• Technical Writing
• Editing



Tablet Library 5 Tablet Library 4 Tablet Library 3 Tablet Library 2 Tablet Library 1 Tablet Classroom 5 Tablet Classroom 4 Tablet Classroom 3 Tablet Classroom 2 Tablet Classroom 1 Albert