Harvard University Graduate School of Education has developed a unique educational Augmented Reality Experience (ARE) using 3G-connected mobile devices and MoGo’s FreshAiR™ development platform. AREs overlay digital educational material onto physical environments and can be accessed anywhere from a mobile device with wireless connectivity, camera, and GPS capabilities. Harvard University Graduate School of Education designed custom AREs using Vuforia™, Qualcomm’s augmented reality (AR) platform, providing students with interactive media including text, images, audio, video, 3D models, and multiple-choice or open-ended questions during a science field trip to an outdoor environment enabling true mobile learning experiences.

Positive 6 was hired to travel to upstate New York to document this program and tell the story in a photo-journalist style.  The video has been used by Harvard and Qualcomm to explain and promote the program.  The images have been used in various pieces of print collateral and has appeared in a number of online journals and publications.

Project Stakeholders:
• Harvard University
• Mogo Mobile
• Qualcomm Wireless Reach

Services Provided:
• Video and Still Photography
• Editing
• Creative Direction
• Reporting
• Script Writing

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