The Mobile Vision Project utilizes a 3G-enabled mobile application to assist doctors in the screening and treatment of children with amblyopia in underserved communities in China. Amblyopia, sometimes called “lazy eye,” is the most common cause of vision impairment in childhood. Despite a high number of children with amblyopia in China, clinicians in rural areas often lack knowledge about how to properly diagnose and treat this disease. Additionally, financial hardship prevents many children in remote areas from receiving treatment for amblyopia, increasing their risk of lifelong disability. The Mobile Vision Project seeks to address these challenges by providing clinicians in rural areas access to digital patient records, training, treatment and screening information.

Clients and Stakeholders:
• China Children and Teenagers’ Fund
• Xi’an Kingtone Information Technology Co., Ltd.
• China Telecom
• Hengshui Women’s Federation

Services Provided:
• Photography
• Video
• Creative Direction
• Creative Project Management
• Editing
• Reporting
• Scriptwriting

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