Qualcomm Wireless Reach has teamed up with School in the Park (SITP), The San Diego Museum of Art, the San Diego Zoo, and the San Diego History Museum to develop unique educational Augmented Reality (AR) experiences using 3G-connected mobile devices. AR experiences overlay digital educational material onto physical environments. SITP designed custom AR experiences using Qualcomm’s Vuforia™ technology on MoGo’s FreshAiR™ platform to enhance teaching and engage students using valuable 21st century skills to support learning in informal settings. The environments found in the museums and educational institutions in San Diego’s Balboa Park provide unique opportunities for creative teaching. The AR experiences that have been implemented there help enrich curricula related to plants, animals, ecosystems, and food chains, as well as map reading, geographical orientation in the San Diego area and the cultural practices of the indigenous Kumeyaay people.

Clients and Collaborators:
• Qualcomm
• San Diego School in the Park
• San Diego Zoo
• MoGo Mobile

Services Provided
• Creative Messaging
• Graphic Design
• Art Direction
• Photography
• Videography
• Editing
• Scriptwriting

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